About me & why I’m extra thankful

TL;DR I’m letting my passions take the reins, and am incredibly thankful for your support!

My name is Shauna, I like guns, and I have kids. If you’re on my page for the first time in your life, you probably already know that about me.

I wanted to make this little post today to share a bit more. I started my Moms Who Carry Instagram Page after getting my LTC and my first gun of my own. I wanted a place to post about my journey in a place separate from my other social media. Didn’t necessarily want everyone knowing I owned a gun.

Things quickly took off, I gained a lot of connections within the Instagram 2A community, and I developed friendships every bit as meaningful as those with my real-life friends. Ever since, I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and support while sharing bits about my journey as a gun owner and in my posts with my everyday concealed carry outfits.

Now, I’ve always had a bit of a passion for graphic design. Always thought it was cool. Never had any actual training, but I pick up on things quickly enough and have fooled around making plenty of designs. I made a Moms Who Carry logo a couple months ago, and all of a sudden the prospects of developing an accompanying retail line sprang up in front of me.

I’m a work-from-home mom, I’ve worked remotely for a kids’ clothing company for the last few years. I’ve gotten pretty good at handling all the different facets of the business… From sales to customer service and dealing with all the Karens… yet it’s always been work to promote and grow another business, never my own. Always the bridesmaid, as they say.

So all of a sudden, I come out with a logo for my Instagram and people are asking for products with the logo on it? Well sure! I can make that! And thus the Moms Who Carry shop was born.

I’m having an absolute blast coming up with new designs, I have so many ideas and am working really hard to implement them and get the website fully up to snuff with it which I also thoroughly enjoy. I’m literally able to put all of my passions together in this one project and do something for myself. All of my work here goes toward supporting my family in, what is for us and many others, a tough time financially with all that’s going on. So it’s a win-win…win. Winning all around!

So all in all, I just wanted to share how appreciative I am of everyone for all of your support. The likes, comments, shares, tags, messages, and purchases — every positive interaction brightens my day and fuels the fire that is driving me to grow this for myself and my family.

I hope you continue to enjoy the content of both my store and my blog. The growth has been majorly focused on the website and the store over the last couple weeks as I’ve really just dove into this, so I apologize if it’s been a little overbearing. I promise to get back to normal soon. More concealed carry outfits to come, working on some great blog content, and of course the Facebook group is always open to those who want to partake in meaningful conversation or have some questions answered.

Ok, rambling is done! Back to your leftovers everyone. Love you guys!

(And don’t forget, everything is 20% off in the shop through Monday 11/30 with code BF20)

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