I have compiled this list of items found on Amazon that I would personally recommend for shooters! These are things that I either personally use and recommend, or that I have heard nothing but good recommendations of throughout the shooting community.

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Gun Cleaning and Maintenance:

ComfortTac Belly Band Holsters: I have two of these — they’re my go-to for concealed carrying with leggings and a variety of other outfits where a kydex clip-on holster won’t work. Does not have a kydex trigger guard, but can be modified by removing a couple stitches in the holster pocket to enlarge the area to fit a trigger guard inside with your gun.

When you select a product below, you can also select right-hand or left-hand draw.

Hearing Protection: I personally use the Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Earmuffs along with my molded Decibullz for double coverage. Don’t forget to bring some batteries with you to the range in case your electronic muffs die while you’re out there!

Range Targets: Usually found cheaper on Amazon than at the range! Stock up before you go! Make it bright, make it fun, hone in on your skill, sight in your gun, or diagnose any aiming issues with these targets.

Training at Home: There are a variety of ways to get in some training at home, and ways to spice up your dry fire routine. Here are some favorites!

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