Behind Enemy Lines

Disclaimer: Please know your state’s laws, though this post mentions Massachusetts laws it is not intended to be your guideline for MA gun laws.

The disadvantages of being a gun owner in Massachusetts are many.

No open carry or printing without fear of the police being called and your LTC being revoked. Max 10 round mags unless you can find pre-bans. Featureless AR-15s and “assault weapons” only, again unless you can find a pre-ban that you’ll have to sell a kidney for. No suppressors — only to be used by law enforcement when conducting work that requires one. Heck we’re even limited in what knives we can carry.

I’m facing a really challenging time right now. I didn’t go to the range while I was pregnant with my now-8 month old. So think mid-2019 to the end of March 2020. When Covid hit we stocked up on defense ammo, but going to the range was the last thing on my to-do list when dealing with a colicky newborn, so I never even thought about getting some range ammo.

Now it’s almost December and to date I have not been able to find a single box of range ammo.

There is no law against shipping ammo to MA, however most retailers won’t. There are a few that will, however my local FFLs do not accept ammo shipments. And they have not had any 9mm ammo in any form in stock for months.

I literally can’t go to the range (not going to burn through our defense ammo), and it’s killing me.

Yeah yeah, dry fire, I know. Just would be nice to get back out on the range. Hopefully, prayerfully soon.

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