It’s free, and it can save your life!

It’s situational awareness!

Wherever you are, don’t be absentminded. Check for the exits when you enter a building. Get a feel for your surroundings, and who is nearby, who is most vulnerable, and who might be a threat. Don’t be afraid to be “judgy” in your own mind — it’s better to have taken account of someone acting off before they potentially turn against you.

It may be more obvious while walking down a dark street at night, eyes scanning and hand ready to grab your CCW. But what about when you’re loading the kids into the car? Or when you’re strolling through a store or rifling through clothing racks?

Thankfully I’ve never encountered a real situation where I’ve needed my weapon, but I’ve been in some hairy situations with men following me and my son, and someone trying to get me to come closer to their car with no one else around. Were they actual threats? Maybe, maybe not! But I knew enough to observe their actions, and knew that I needed to be smart in my reactions and be ready to defend myself and my family.

Always be focused on what surrounds you and be ready to act. Have a “plan” in place for how you might respond, the instructions you’d give to your kids, train at the range and at home with dry firing and practicing drawing from your holster.

Stay alert, stay ready!

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