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Leggings: A Concealed Carry Guide

It’s asked time and time again, “What leggings are good for concealed carrying?”

You’ll find a smattering of posts throughout my website referring to leggings I recommend (or don’t) for concealed carry. But I figured since this is such a hot topic, why not have everything in one place?

I encourage you to bookmark or save this page… I will be updating as I find more brands that are good for carrying!

So first… What to look for?

You’ll need something with a strong waistband, that doesn’t sag or flop outward with the weight of a holster attached directly to it. Check out our selection of holsters, and you can also read up further on the Fabriclip and Monoblock clips that we offer when building your perfect holster. These holster clips attach to any beltless bottoms, and provide the perfect way to carry in a kydex holster as long as your waistband can handle it.

Got a closet full of leggings that aren’t up to the task? Let me stop your train of thought before it leaves the stat– if you’re not looking to buy a whole new wardrobe to be able to carry in leggings, you don’t need to. Something as simple as the Comfort Concealment belt can give you a sturdy “waistband” and save your wallet, allowing you to still carry in your everyday holster. Others opt for rigs like the Phlster Enigma (check out our compatible holsters!), again removing your waistband completely from the equation.

ANYWAY! Back to the actual leggings. I will keep this page going as I find new brands of leggings that support the weight of a gun (or don’t), and as we try out different clips and rigs that work with leggings.

Don’t forget to save this page, stick it on your Pinterest, or wherever! Feel free to share with others who are in the same search for leggings for concealed carrying.

Recommended Leggings

Leggings to Avoid

Number one: Leggings that utilize a “pocket” to stick your gun in are NOT SAFE. Let me repeat that, these are NOT SAFE. Don’t fall for the marketing, the brand recognition, the influencers pushing these products. Your gun needs real retention, and a holster with hard sides. A pocket or something that relies solely on the compression of your waistband to keep a lethal tool secure, is not a good option.

Forever 21 Classic Knit Leggings (thin, and waistband is not strong enough to support the weight of the firearm).

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