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About the Monoblock Gear Clip

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The Monoblock Gear Clip is an industry favorite, known for the solid grasp it provides on the wearer’s waistband. This clip can be used with a belt up to 1.5 inches wide, and can also be used for beltless carry, provided that your waistband can withstand the weight of your gun. There are two small hooks on the inside of the clip that wrap around your belt, or that “clasp” the clip onto your bottoms of choice.

One consideration to take in carrying beltless with this clip, is the thickness and durability of the material you’re wearing it on. Presumably you do not want your holster to wear through or put a hole in your pants (think thin leggings and the like). Especially in a tactical situation, you don’t want to draw and find that the clip punctures your waistband and no longer provides adequate retention.

A cool feature that your first-time holster shopper may not be aware of is that the finish on these metal clips is non-reflective, which is ideal when operating in a situation where you don’t want your position to be given away. The attention to detail with these clips is superb.

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Product Specifications

Here is some information straight from Discreet Carry Concepts’ website:

  • 2.73″ OAL
  • Fits over belts up to 1.5″
  • (2) .220″H x .300″W horizontal slotted mounting holes will work with spacing that is .860″ – 1.15″ on center.
  • Standard DMG/Cu finish: Color – DCC dark matte grey. Non reflective and resists corrosion very well
  • Works with or without a belt.

Optional low profile hardware kit contents and features:

  • (2) Low profile 1/4” Chicago Screws brand combo screws with reusable thread patching (pre applied threadlocker)
  • (2) steel washers
  • (2) steel square nuts makes it easy to counter hold with a wrench in tight areas
  • Standard DMG/Cu finish on all components: Color – DCC dark matte grey. Non reflective and resists corrosion very well
  • The Monoblock is engineered to be mounted directly to the holster body or other solid surface. Recommended hardware configuration from top to bottom: Screw, steel washer, monoblock clip, body of the holster. The nut is placed on the inside. For some applications, the metal washer can be placed behind the clip or may not be used at all..

Discreet Carry Concepts also provides care instructions for the Monoblock Gear Clip:

Care and maintenance: Our surface finish does not need much attention. If any light scratches or wear marks develop, we recommend a quick yet firm buff with WD40, but anything from vegetable oil to mineral oil to CLP to motor oil will work well. Just put a couple drops on your clip and rub it in vigorously using firm pressure with a lint free cloth. This will help keep it looking it’s best cosmetically.

Can I use this with a wing?

Absolutely! The mod wing would be a great choice to provide extra stability in conjunction with this clip.

Where can I get a holster with the Monoblock Gear Clip?

Moms Who Carry has added the Monoblock Clip to our holster lineup. After selecting your desired pattern, you can customize your holster and choose which clip will work best for you.


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