Review: Alexo Athletica Leggings

Here is the link to the specific pair I am reviewing (I am wearing a size small in the color charcoal): Alexo Athletica FACE FORWARD Camo Legging

Tested with my Springfield XDS Mod.2 9mm (subcompact) worn at the right-side appendix position.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to make this purchase or provide a review. All of my thoughts are my genuine opinion. And most importantly, no offense is meant toward Alexo as a company in expressing the features that I personally find unfavorable. I’m all about supporting small businesses and members of the 2A community.

So here we go.

As far as fashion goes, these leggings are absolutely adorable. They’re made of a nice sturdy material, that’s seemingly impervious to german shepherd fur, so I really appreciate that right off the bat. They’re form fitting and well constructed. I like the side pockets, too.

One teeny design flaw that I’m not digging – the little circle logo on the back of the right leg. It looks like a sticker. I tried to pick it off at first. My mother also saw me and tried to warn me that I had a sticker on me. Hopefully this doesn’t catch too many eyes while I’m out and about today.

I did not realize this was a 7/8 length pair of leggings, I didn’t notice this note below the size chart, I thought “7/8” would be in the product title as it is with their other 7/8 length leggings. I don’t prefer this length for my pants as my legs are longer than most — these Alexos come halfway up my shin. Not a very good look, but, my fault for not noticing. I thought I read the description well enough to confirm they were full length but apparently I missed it.

The holster pockets seem pretty sturdy on the inside, but when you insert the gun, you’ll find that the trigger can be pulled from the outside of the leggings. I see why they suggest putting a credit card in the front pocket as a trigger guard, however I’m the type that if I put a card in my pocket, it’s going to be forgotten in there and go through the wash. So I won’t be doing this.

I have a subcompact gun, definitely not on the bigger side, and I feel like the full trigger guard just fits inside the holster pocket (see photo). The full firearm doesn’t sit very deeply in the pocket. I would consider using this in conjunction with a kydex trigger guard over the trigger, however I’m not sure it would fit well with the gun seated properly. I don’t have a separate kydex trigger guard (yet) to be able to test this out.

I definitely do not find that the holster pockets have good retention. I am not convinced that bending, running, or other other physical activity would keep the gun from falling out of the pocket.

I also really, really dislike the fact that with this sort of holster system, you have to take the gun out to use the restroom. This leaves open the opportunity to drop or forget the gun somewhere.

On the bright side — the leggings themselves are extremely comfortable, and it’s comfortable to wear the gun in the holster and walk around. Though when I am seated, the grip falls in a different position than where it typically does when I am carrying appendix, so it is poking me painfully in the ribs as I type this.

I’ve been dying to get a pair of these leggings since I got my first gun. I live in leggings, and have always used a belly band to carry but have lusted after Alexos from the beginning. Now that I have a pair of my own I’m sad to say that I actually prefer my belly band and normal, cheap everyday leggings. Better retention, don’t have to take it off to use the bathroom, and every bit as stealthy and comfortable.

For reference, this is what I usually wear leggings-wise….

Comforttac Belly Band (Affiliate) & Forever 21 Classic Knit Leggings

This is my go-to setup. Affordable, and I feel that the gun is secure, I cannot pull the trigger from the outside, and it does not have to be removed for any purpose while going about my day. It can also be adjusted to sit in just the right spot on my body.

All in all… I’m very glad to have at least tried these. The style factor is definitely there, I think it’s a novel concealed carry idea, just leaves some major safety features to be desired.

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