You don’t know what you don’t know!

I learned something new today! Literally had my mind blown.

Apparently 99% of people already do this, but I had never been taught this, and I’d never seen it done before.

It’s a Barney mag!

You load your mag to full capacity. Insert it into the firearm. Rack the slide to chamber the top round. Drop the mag, add another round to the mag bringing it back to full capacity, and re-insert into the firearm.

I literally never bothered to think where the “+1” comes from when discussing firearm/mag capacity. Maybe it’s because I bought my first gun when I was a brand new shooter and since we’re so limited as far as capacity goes here in MA (10 round capacity limit), and I married into the rest of our firearm collection, and therefore meaningful discussion of capacity was irrelevant. You load the mags, you shoot ’em, you don’t really question it, they are what they are and they hold what they hold. I’ve only ever seen capacity discussed online, never took it into actual practical consideration for myself.

So, ya learn something new every day. Maybe you just learned something too. If this is your first time hearing about this, drop a comment so I don’t feel like such a noob!

Happy learning!

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