Pregnant Carry

Pregnancy demands change in so many areas of life. Your diet, your routine, your wardrobe, and of course, how you carry! Let’s explore some of the ways that you can navigate pregnant carry, and some of the tools and holsters that you can utilize to continue carrying daily.

The first few months might not necessitate a drastic change in the tools you use to carry and the positions that you carry in. But certainly, with a bigger bump comes a bigger challenge in concealing and safely wielding a heavy piece of metal on your body, under your already-tightening clothes. So how do you make it work?!


Not ready to transfer your self-defense tool off of your body? It’s time to find a workaround around the bump. One option is the innovative Flashbang holster, which allows you to carry with a holster clipped to your bra. Too sore, too lumpy, or don’t have the tactical boobage to pull it off (can relate)? How about a highly versatile option like the Comfort Concealment belt, the sturdy velcro belt that you can position virtually anywhere on your torso. Used in conjunction with a holster that can clip directly onto the belt (check out these holsters with the Fabriclip or Monoblock clip), you’ll find more positions to comfortably carry on-body.


There’s a lot of debate about the efficacy of off-body carry. You can lose your bag, it can get stolen, you may not have quick enough access to your firearm. But we here at Moms Who Carry are of the school of thought that if it comes down to the choice between not carrying at all, and carrying off-body, it’s better to carry off-body and have your self defense tool, than to not.

A fanny pack is a superb option to still keep your firearm technically “on-body”, but if it’s too awkward or uncomfortable (or unfashionable, for those of us who haven’t quite warmed back up to them yet), a concealed carry purse can do the trick. We would recommend using a bag specifically made for concealed carry, versus any old handbag, as concealed carry purses often have features specifically geared toward safe storage and carrying.

Some important considerations to make and steps to take when carrying in a bag:

  • Can you lock the bag or the pocket where your gun is?
  • There must be a separate pocket for the gun
  • Ensure there are no loose pieces of fabric, strings, or other objects in the pocket where your gun rests
  • Utilize a hard-sided holster or trigger guard that will protect your trigger while the gun is stored
  • Position the gun inside the bag in a direction and position that will allow for easy access and a quick draw
  • Don’t let the bag leave your possession

Let’s give that last bullet-point some extra love. Whenever you carry in a new position, with a new holster, etc., you should practice your draw. This is especially important when utilizing off-body carry, as the extra time that it takes for you to draw your firearm may mean the difference between life and death. And let’s not forget — you’re protecting more than just yourself.

Do you have any other tips for pregnant carry? Send them over to us at or feel free to share in our all-female Facebook Group, Moms Who Carry.

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