A to Z: The Gun Owner’s Guide to Internet Slang

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AD: Accidental discharge

AIWB: Appendix inside the waistband (holster)

CCP: Concealed carry permit

CCW: Concealed carry weapon

COM: Center of mass

EDC: Everyday carry

FFL: Federal firearms license

FMJ: Full metal jacket (bullet)

IFAK: Individual first aid kit

IWB: Inside the waistband (holster)

JHP: Jacketed hollow point (bullet)

LE: Law enforcement

LEO: Law enforcement officer

LTC: License to carry

MOA: Minute of angle

ND: Negligent discharge

OWB: Outside the waistband (holster)

PCC: Pistol caliber carbine

PPE: Personal protective equipment (eye pro, ear pro)

2A: Second amendment

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    Good info! There is a lot of “alphabet soup” for sure!

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